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Hi Friends,

My name is Prashant Chandra the founder of Game Duniya.

I am a game lover guy who loves to play all type of games and most of the games I experienced personally but one the other hand my another passion is Blogging.

I am passionate about sharing my gaming skills, knowledge, updates to all over the world.

So, I am here to combine my gaming experiences via Blogging.

Why you should follow Game Duniya ?

I am here to provide all things related to games like latest gaming news, reviews, tips & tricks ( PS5, PC, Xbox, Mobile) etc.

 I will try to connect you with new generation gaming which is developing day by day and give all information that you must know.

If you are agree with my words, experience and commitment.

Then, I Prashant Chandra the founder of Game Duniya welcoming you.

Your new friend,


Gameduniya owner