Finally PUBG Mobile unbanned in these countries


♦ Finally PUBG Mobile unbanned in some countries.

 PUBG Mobile has been banned in India from a couple of weeks and Indian gamers are hoping for its soon return.

♦ The game was recently banned in Pakistan and Nepal, only for it to be unbanned later.

Since the sudden infamous ban on PUBG Mobile in India, fans of the battle royale game have been anxious to see their favourite game make a return but Finally PUBG Mobile unbanned in some countries.

This game is known for the best online mobile game of battle royale gaming and for this reason, it’s one of the most played online game all over the world by gamers.

Even the game has been banned, still the gamers’ hope is not lost. However, There is a news roaming in all over social media that PUBG Corp trying to get the game back  to India but the other side, few other countries also banned PUBG mobile initially, but later decided to unban the game.

Finally PUBG Mobile unbanned in these countries

1.) Pakistan

Protest in Pakistan ( Image Credits : )

In July 2020, Imran Khan’s government decided to ban PUBG Mobile because of negative influences on the youth of the country due to this game. The Government mentioned that game was waste of time and it causing threats of the mental and physical activities of youngsters.

But the Pakistani youth began a protest against this sudden ban of PUBG Mobile in some areas of the country, stressing the importance of the game in their lives and they mentioned their eSports career.

On 30 July, Finally, PUBGM unbanned in Pakistan.

2.) Nepal


In April 2019, Nepal Telecommunications conclude to apply a ban on PUBG Mobile. The NTA concerns over the negative impact of the game on the youth. The government argued that the game was too addictive. Moreover, it also had concerns about the violence associated with the PUBG Mobile..

However, it was only about a week. The apex court decides that the ban on PUBG Mobile was unnecessary since the game was a harmless way for the kids to socialize and have fun with people of their age.

After a week PUBGM ban in Nepal, Finally PUBG Mobile unbanned in Nepal too.

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