How to hack PUBG Mobile Game? 100%

Are you searching for how to hack PUBG Mobile game? So you are in the right place.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

Nowadays’ PUBG Mobile‘s popularity increasing among children day by day even adults are also playing this game for their enjoyment purpose.

As we know that PUBG Mobile is so popular in all countries that the game is becoming more competitive day-by-day.

Why Players from all over the world searching for ‘How to hack PUBG Mobile Game’?

1.) Players want to reach Conqueror League for the first time in PUBG Mobile.
2.) Players want to increase and maintain their K.D ratio.
3.) Some players want to grab the highest place on the Global leaderboards of their server/country.
4.) Some players are just want to use hacks for their enjoyment.
how to hack pubg mobile game
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So’ Do you ever think to hack the PUBG Mobile game? Yes, But the question is ‘How‘. I know mostly people try to search ‘how to hack PUBG Mobile game‘ on Youtube.

As a result of following that silly Youtube tricks, people always get banned from the PUBG Mobile.

How to hack PUBG Mobile Game

First of all, I want to clear you that like a normal person, we cant hack PUBG Mobile by ourselves. But don’t worry, I will tell you some ways from where you can get the hacks. You can play PUBG Mobile on your Android and IOS devices using some hacking tools.

Basically, you need to understand the concept of hacking. Many types of Injectors, Mods, disruptors, ESPs, etc. are used to hack PUBG Mobile which is currently available in the hacking community.

In comparison to IOS, you can play PUBG Mobile with hacks on Android devices easily. In IOS you can’t use any kind of free hacks without jailbreak.

Features of PUBG Mobile Hacks

• ESP• Aimbot• Magic Bullet
• No Recoil• Fast Run• High Jump

ESP: In this hack, you will able to see all enemy locations around 400m in all directions. You can see your enemy names their health bar. You can see their location from behind the wall and kill them too easily.

how to hack pubg mobile game

Aimbot: This is basically an auto-detection of your aim. It works through an artificial intelligence technique. Your opponents can never kill you in a 1vs1 situation. Aimbot will work only in a particular range as a circle shown in below image.

how to hack pubg mobile game

High Jump: Players use high jump in the game but these hacks easily detected by PUBG Mobile.

how to hack pubg mobile game

Currently, in the market there are two types of PUBG Mobile hacks available:

  • Free Hacks (only for Android)
  • Paid Hacks (for Android and IOS)

1. Free Hacks

First of all, you need to understand that free hacks are not secure for your main ID of your PUBG Mobile. In comparison to non-rooted devices, free hacks are more secure in rooted devices. In rooted devices PUBG Mobile unable to detect third-party applications (like: injectors, game guardian, esp).

In the non-rooted devices, you have to use Virtual Spaces, so that PUBG Mobile may not catch that you are using third-party plugins for hack purposes.

I am recommending you try free hacks on Guest acc. or new PUBG Mobile acc. otherwise you may ban your main PUBG acc.

Note: After publishing the Free hacks, just valid for 2-3 days. Free hacks developed by a developer who knows that his hack’s script values will be patched by PUBG Mobile after 2-3 days.

First of all, you need to install telegram on your Android or IOS devices.

If you need Free Hacks for PUBG Mobile Just join and subscribe to our Telegram channel and enjoy free hacks.

2. Paid Hacks

Paid hacks are the most satisfying and secured hacks for PUBG Mobile. Paid hacks developed by huge hackers community. These hacks update regularly so you can play PUBG Mobile without getting ban.

For the PUBG Mobile there are some best paid hacking tools available which you can buy at a very low cost. If you really want to rank push on your main acc. then you have to go with paid hacks.

Some Popular Paid Hacks available in the Market

King Mod ( Safe & Brutal )

King Mod is one of the most trusted and safe Paid hacks for PUBG. You will get all hacks like: ESP, Aimbot, Fast run, etc. You can easily push your rank and increase your K.D on your main acc.

KingMod safe version contains only ESP on the other hand KingMod Brutal contains all hacks.


how to hack pubg mobile game

Sharpshooter is an injector type application just buy keys from a trusted seller and enjoy all hacks of PUBG Mobile.

GO Cheat

GO Cheat is also a secure paid hack currently available in the market. In this hack, you will get antiban ESP. You can push easily in any tier by using this hack.

How to get Paid hacks 

Nowadays many scammers available in the market who claims that they will give you 100% working paid hacks but they grab your money and they do not fulfill their statements.

But I am telling you the most trusted seller in the market who provides very genuine and working Paid hacks and their Login-key at a very low price.

Kingfisher is one of the most trusted sellers of Antiban Paid PUBG Mobile hacks available in the market, feel free to contact him anytime via his telegram channel. You can join his telegram channel by clicking the below icon.

You can direct message(DM) him and ask him for Paid hacks he will provide you trusted and genuine keys of Paid hacks and help you to run it on your device.

You can buy Paid hacks of PUBG Mobile anytime by KINGFISHER for Android as well as for IOS. You can trust him and check his proof channel which is specially made up for proofs.

Gameplay of Paid Hacks

You can see clearly in the above video that Paid hacks are too dominating. You can buy all kinds of Paid PUBG Hacks from KINGFISHER. He is the official PUBG Mobile paid hacks seller.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) regarding ‘Paid Hacks of PUBG Mobile’

  1. Are Paid hacks much hard to set-up?

    No' It is very simple to install paid hacks. Our seller will guide you definitely.

  2. Can we touch Conqueror tier 100% after playing with paid hacks?

    Nowadays tier pushing is so hard. You can face many conditions in which you will be playing against many paid hackers. So you have to play with your mind and skills too.

  3. Is it possible to climb the leaderboard of Asia/KRGP/S.A/N.A/Middle East and get a spot on Top 100 players list?

    No' Without Paid hacks this is not possible because nowadays people from all countries using paid hacks. I can say that All Top 100 players surely uses Paid Hacks.

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