How to Play PSP games on Android Free

Are you looking for how to play PSP games on Android devices? Yes, that’s possible now.

Sony PSP was one of the best handy gaming console in its era but unfortunately its era was over around 7 year ago. You may not able to find PSP ( Play Station Portable ) console on online retail store.

how to play psp games on android

However, If you wants to play all PSP games on your Android devices, I have a very easy and free method to play all PSP titles which was released at that time.

In this article, I will explain you that how to play PSP games on android devices. Yes, that’s true.

how to play psp games on android

How to play PSP Games on Android with PSP Emulators

To run PSP games on android devices you have to download an emulator which can run PSP games .There are many PSP ( Play Station Portable ) emulators available in the market.

But personally for me PPSSPP is one of the best PSP emulator which can run all PSP games very smoothly on your devices. It will offer you to play your favourite PSP games on android devices in full HD resolutions.

However, not all PSP games will run smoothly from PPSSPP emulator because it all depends on your mobile specifications. Some of the game may also run slow that cause due to low hardware specification on your mobile.

Download PSP Games ISO/CSO file

To play PSP games on Android you have to download their ISO game files. Hence, here are some popular and most recommended sites to download PSP ISO free of cost.

Use PPSSPP Emulator to play PSP games on Android

First of all you have to install PPSSPP app on your android device and launch it. The app comes with lot of customization and adding features to improve your gaming experience. All you need to tap on ” Setting” and you will see lot of  available option include – Graphics, Audio, Controls, Networking and System. You can customize these option as you want.

how to play psp games on android
how to play psp games on android

Now’ you have to browse your downloaded ISO file in PPSSPP. Tap on “Games” tab and from here tap on the folder in which you downloaded that PSP game ISO file. Once you inside the folder you need to tap on your game and it will load.

how to play psp games on android
how to play psp games on android

You can’t play games direct touching on the mobile screen. When game loads from PPSSPP, PSP buttons automatic displayed on the screen. You can only interact with the game by these displaying buttons. You can move your gaming character left right, up, down and many more things like jump, crouch and punching.

how to play psp games on android
how to play psp games on android

Your phone’s ‘back’ button work as main menu button here. You can press it anytime to go directly on main menu window. In main menu you can change all game settings and save state settings. The “save state” option is different from normal “save” option of any PSP games. It will save the game in any state it is (even you are battling from a Boss!), unlike normal save option where you have to reach specific place to save your game level.

how to play psp games on android

PPSSPP makes very easy to play any PSP game title on your android devices. It might give you an amazing experience as compared to PSP due to many extra features to play games like in HD resolution and extra gaming graphics.

Many Horror, fighting, action games are available on PSP you can download their ISO/CSO file and play with PPSSPP emulator and have fun.

Thanx for reading my article. If this article is helpful to you then let me know in comment box.

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