Most Played Online Mobile Games in 2020

If you’re looking for the most played online mobile games available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you’ve come to the right place.

Nowadays online mobile games are so popular among children even adults play these games so frequently. In online mobile games, there is a specific leaderboard in which you can check your Global rank. 

In 2020 some specific online mobile games become so popular this year. As you guys know during this Covid-19 issue many students and adults also started to play these awesome games.

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Here, I’m listing some most played online mobile games of 2020

1.) PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most played online mobile games by gamers all over the world. PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer battle royal game developed and published by PUBG Corporation.

In this game, you can play solo vs solo, duo vs duo, and in a squad of 4 players. There are 5 maps available in the game named Erangle, Vikendi, Miramar, Sanhok and Livik.

You can play TPP and FPP in both modes, game graphics are so smooth and reliable. You can set your goal in which mode you want to push your trophies. The maximum tier you can reach is Conqueror(most respective title of PUBG).

2.) Free Fire

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After PUBG, Garena Free Fire is one of the most played online mobile games by low-end device users, which is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile.

Free Fire is a full packed battle royal game with a lot of gun and player skins. You can play solo, duo, and squad to win a match with perfect skills and strategy to get BOYYAH.

Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Free fire can run in 2 GB ram devices and more. 

You can play this game in solo, duo, and in squad mode and check your performance on the global leaderboard. You can experience many weapons in-game and kill your enemies. 

3.) Call of Duty®: Mobile


Call of Duty®: Mobile is also one of the most played online mobile games developed by Activision. Play Call of duty to earn a lot of skins and clan awards. You can play with friends in a squad.

Use your skills and make a strategy to win battles. Unlock weapons and upgrade them and increase your rank on the global leaderboard. You will experience amazing graphics like a Hollywood action movie.

4.) Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars is a newly launched multiplayer strategy and 3v3 battle royale mobile game developed by Supercell. However, this game is less known to people still, it is the most interesting game for those who love fast-paced battle action.

In this game, you can collect many different types of brawlers from boxes each having unique powerful abilities, and upgrade them. You can play with these brawlers solo or in a duo or in the team of 3members by inviting your in-game friends.

There are multiple modes and events, PvP & PvE both with variety of unique maps which comes in rotation daily. You can push your total trophies to climb up in the trophy road league to get rewards, and to rank yourself globally.

5.) Among Us


Among Us is one of the most played online mobile games. It is a very amazing sci-fi murder-mystery game developed by Innersloth. You can play this game online or over local WiFi by matching a team of 4-10 players.

In this game, you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one to three of these ten players will be selected randomly as an Impostor who bent on killing everyone, while the rest are Crewmates.

The game requires teamwork that crewmates have to complete all the tasks together or by detecting and then eliminating the impostor off the ship to win the game.

6.) Ludo King


Ludo King is a classic Indian board most played online mobile games developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. The game shows the modern version of the game of ancient Indian kings and queens with the same rules and gameplay.

You can play this game in multiplayer mode with up to four players or play offline with a local computer bot. The game is totally based on luck as you roll the dice to move your tokens strategically to win the game.

You can play and chat with your friends and family in a private friendly room or play worldwide with randoms. There is also a Snakes and Ladders game available to play. This game is best for the time pass for the whole family.

7.) Gods of Boom


Gods of Boom is a very interesting one of the most played online mobile games and competitive multiplayer FPS developed by Game Insight with awesome 3D graphics and gripping gameplay.

The game is all about fighting with your team in fast-paced online PvP battles of 4-5minutes. There are multiple game modes and maps which are full of a thriller. The game controls are so much easy-to-hand.

You can customize your own unique hero by using a combo of various perks to comfort your play style. The game also features a Pro Player Mode, where your team can compete in eSports events against other players’ teams from globally.

8.) BombSquad


BombSquad, a newly explosive arcade-style party one of the most played online mobile games with impressive graphics developed by Eric Froemling. It is the best enjoyable game if you play with friends.

The game can be played among up to 8 players over a local WiFi to get in on the thrilling bombing action and throw bombs or toss the opponents off the cliffs for the victory.

There are multiples of mini-games like Capture-the-Flag, King-of-the-Hill, and Bomber-Hockey where you can jump, blow, throw, and punch your opponents. The game supports a touch screen and various types of controllers.

9.) Dead By Daylight™


Dead by Daylight™ is also considered one of the most played games in the survival-horror criteria. This is a 4v1 multiplayer horror game that requires players to get ultimate survival.

Players can experience the gameplay of both killer and survival. You can play this with your friends to make them laugh or scream. You can play with some iconic killers from rated horror franchises.

There are randomly generated maps to play and perks to customize your special character. If you are a fan of the thrilling and creepy environment then this game is only for you. 

10.) Steal Rage: Mech Cars PvP War

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Steal Rage: Mech Cars is another type car race game which consider as most played online mobile games in which players fight from all over the world in a new PvP action shooter with their metal knights. The game is based on fast-paced 6v6 fight action among players from all over the world.

You can fully customize your metal knights using more than 13 different bodies with chassis, various explosive weapons, and get into the raged battles on vast and terrible arenas to cross out all the enemies.

The game controls are also so easy to use and can be changed in the settings. The graphics quality is so much detailed and realistic. The game can adjust graphics according to your mobile device.

Here’s the end of this Article. Hopefully, this will help you to get your best online game for mobile. Thank guys for giving your valuable time to my Article.

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