10 incredible Multiplayer Horror Games for Android that you must play

Are you looking for multiplayer horror games for android so that you can experience a bit of horror, scary sounds, actions and a creepy environment as in a classic Horror Movies ?

So, there are lot of online mobile games that can help you and your friends to dive into a thrilling horror atmosphere and get goosebumps.

multiplayer horror games for android
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Horror games that support multiplayer mode requires a stable net connection. But, you can easily collaborate with your friends via discord to play against each other.

Let’s take a look on best multiplayer horror games for android

1.) Identity V

multiplayer horror games

Identity V is a 1v4 multiplayer horror games for android developed by NetEase. Five players participate in single matches. One of them is hunter who is tasked with eliminating the other four before they complete their objectives. Above all, This game will bring you a breathtaking horror experience with it’s gothic visuals, and a suspenseful storyline.

2.) Among Us

multiplayer horror games for android
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Among Us is an online multiplayer a bit horror and sci-fi murder-mystery game by Innersloth. This game supports four to ten players. One to three of these ten players are randomly selected to be Impostors to kill everyone else, while the rest are Crewmates. Therefore, they are trying to escape unharmed from imposter to win the game.

3.) Hello Neighbor

multiplayer horror games for android
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Hello Neighbor is a survival stealth multiplayer horror games for android developed by tinyBuild. The goal of the game is to successfully sneak into the basement of the neighbor’s house to uncover a secret, while the Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you. The game experiences good because you can play against a neighbor who learns from your every move.

4.) Horrorfield

Horrorfield game
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Horror Field is an Online team-based action multiplayer horror games for android developed by Skytec games, Inc. You can play this game with others in real time over a local Wifi. The game comes with 7 different survivors and 4 different physcos. Who will get caught and sacrificed by the angry butcher, while who will escape and stay alive? In short, It’s all up to you.

5.) Murderer Online

Murderer Online Game
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Murderer Online is a multiplayer horror experiencing game. In other words, a murderer can feel the excitement of finding and killing a beauty who tries to hide or run away. A fugitive can experience the extreme tension and thrill of escaping and hiding from the murderer, as well as, the fear of not knowing when you will be killed.

6.) Life After

Life After game
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Life After is a third-person multiplayer zombie survival game with impressive graphics developed by NetEase, where players are tasked to survive in the post-apocalyptic world by whichever way possible. While surviving, players must deal with mombies, wild animals , other survivors and the horrifying landscapes.

7.) Granny’s House

Granny' House
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Granny’s House is an kidnap & escape type of multiplayer horror games for android developed by DVloper. In this game, a cruel granny kidnaps children at night and locks them in an abandoned house, while children try to escape together without getting caught. There are many in game modes and roles for the players in which you and your friends can experience great thrill.

8.) Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak

Dead Plague game
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Dead plague is a zombie shooter survival and strategy game developed by GameSpire Ltd., where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies with unique powerful weapons and battle equipment like mines, frag and stun grenades, adrenaline shot. Also, you can play online co-op mode up to 4 players to enjoy with your friends.

9.) Friday Night Multiplayer

Friday night multiplayer game
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Friday night multiplayer is terrifying horror game, which you can play either as the survivors or a Jason killer, to enjoy the game from both prospective. Its an Online Multiplayer game so its possible to play with your friends! Also, the game has got a microphone and a chat. As the killer, you just need to kill all the survivors before they escape with special skills, while the survivors have many win possibilities like repairing a car, escaping through the gate, calling the police when repairing all generators or killing the killer with weapons!

10.) Horror Hunt : Until Daylight

Horror hunt until daylight game
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Horror Hunt is a multiplayer horror games for android developed by Azur interactive Games Ltd., where 5 players – 4 hunters and a monster – try to kill each other. The aim of hunters is to kill the monster, while the aim of the monster to kill everyone before the sunrise. Moreover, you can change your powers and skills during the game which makes game more interesting.

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