PUBG Mobile Banned Over 2.2 Million acc. in this New Era

PUBGM Weekly anti-cheat report (Image Credit: PUBG Mobile Twitter)

 PUBG Mobile banned over 2.2 million accounts (2,080,812) over the last week after the update of New Era in S15 which is considered a best online mobile game.

• Officials of PUBG Mobile published the graphs and statistics of suspended cheaters on their social media platforms. 

• PUBG Mobile published its fourth report on hackers banned in the starting week of season 15, from 11th September to 17th September.

PUBGM developers have banned more than 2 million accounts recently in just a week. As per this fourth report released by the PUBG Mobile Twitter handle, the game detected a total of 2,080,812 suspicious accounts involved in activities like cheating and defrauding , which are against the terms and conditions of the game.

Banned acc. Pie Chart( Image Credit : PUBG Twitter)

As a result, a permanent ban has issued to all of the 2 million accounts and they have been suspended from accessing the game servers.

Here the % list of PUBG Mobile banned accounts according to tiers :-

• 3% of Conqueror tier accounts

• 3% of Ace tier accounts

• 6% of Crown tier accounts

• 11% of Diamond tier accounts

• 13% of Platinum tier accounts

• 16% of Gold tier accounts

• 23% of Silver tier accounts

• 25% of Bronze tier accounts

Banned Cheats Pie chart ( Image Credit : PUBG Mobile Twitter)

• Almost 47% Player’s accounts banned due to the using of auto-aim hacks by using third-party apps & scripts.

• Around 29% accounts banned due to the hacks of X-ray Visions.

• 11% accounts banned because of using Speed hacks to cheat other players unfairly.

• In-fact, 4% of the hackers received ban suspensions on the use of modification of area damage.

• Also, 4% of the cheaters were handed bans due to utilisation of modification of character model to gain unfair advantages using third-party injectors.

• The remaining 5% accounts  got banned due to some others unspecified hacks.

PUBGM new anti-cheat system (Image credits: PUBG Mobile Twitter)

Now, There is a new anti-hack system in PUBGM :-

This new anti-hack feature in PUBGM knows as Video Review Station. With this new system, now players can decide whether the reported gamer in the video is hacking or not and later on, the footage will be checked by the officials for further investigations.

In this last week, with the help of this new system over 15,552 investigators helped in 34,790 ban assists and also, a famous Korean youtuber Midas got his PUBGM account back because of the Video Review System which was banned due to getting around 10,000 reports by hackers of SWARG clan.

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